Gianely Group

GIANELY has been developing scent concepts, scent marketing, high-tech scent technology, scent storage media and scents and systems for brands and special applications since 2020. A further focus of our work is the creation of scents as well as the development and implementation of concepts for scent dispersion, the development and promotion of brand awareness, and the differentiation of companies, brands and products through scents and flavors as well as assistance in marketing products and services via scent as a medium.

About Scent

Even before a newborn child can recognize its mother, it perceives her smell. Scents and aromas help us to differentiate and evaluate our environment – products, surroundings, people.The sense of smell transmits messages to the brain faster than seeing, hearing or feeling. Why? Because it is the only sense that is directly connected to the limbic system. This is where emotions arise and are stored − linked to memories. The memory of scents and aromas sometimes surprises us in its precision.

Scent Marketing

Scents are omnipresent, have an immediate effect and influence our instincts when making decisions. As a rule, however, they are not used in a controlled or deliberate manner, but are a result of their environment: materials, people, products on display. However, olfactory elements can also be used to convey brand values, change spatial perception and transport product characteristics. This increases a positive evaluation of the brand, recognition and emotional bonding.


People perceive with all their senses. We act and make decisions based on these perceptions in combination with existing memories. Scent always plays a role here – usually subconsciously.There are no fragrance-neutral rooms or objects – but their odors are usually random, influenced by substances, people and environmental conditions. While colors, materials, light, furnishings and, increasingly often also the soundscape, are consciously designed, scent marketing is still in need of explanation: Every brand, every product, every service provider can use scent as an additional dimension in communication.